EBA EU-wide Transparency Exercise 2015

The European Banking Authority (EBA) today published a comprehensive collection of data from the largest European banks. The aim is to promote market transparency about the soundness of the European banking sector.

The EBA data collection obtained extensive information from the 105 largest European banks, including the composition of capital, credit exposures and sovereign exposures. Data are reported for end-2014 and mid-2015.

In addition, harmonized data on non-performing exposures and the leverage ratio were for the first time included across the EU

From Denmark, Danske Bank, Nykredit, Jyske Bank and Sydbank contributed with reporting.

EBA's overall report shows, among other things, that the participating Danish banks on average have a high capitalization compared to banks in other EU countries. Mid-2015 the Danish banks had a common equity tier 1 ratio (CET1) of 15.4 per cent., which is clearly above the EU average of 12.8 per cent.

At the same time the Danish banks on average had a relatively low proportion of non-performing exposures (3.5 per cent against an EU average of 5.6 per cent.).