Approved prospectuses

In accordance with Executive Order No. 643 of 19 June 2012 on the Prospectus to be Published for Securities Admitted to Trading on a Regulated Market and for Offers to the Public of Securities of more than EUR 5,000,000, Finanstilsynet (the Danish FSA) publishes a continuous list of approved prospectuses.

Since 1 November 2007 the list of approved prospectuses is published through Finanstilsynet’s database of company announcements.

Since 1 November 2007 Finanstilsynet also publishes a list of approved small prospectuses approved in accordance with Executive Order  No. 845 of 1 July 2014 on Prospectuses for Public Offers of Certain Securities between EUR 1,000,000 and EUR 5,000,000.


Created  12.11.2009  Edited  14.07.2014