Previous warnings from other supervisory authorities

Warnings from other supervisory authorities published before 2011.

On this webpage you can find warnings that the Danish FSA has received from other supervisory authorities. The Danish FSA does not have specific knowledge about Danish activities for the undertakings mentioned in the warnings, and the warnings are automatically forwarded from the other supervisory authorities.

27.12.2010Warning against Geoffroy CATHERINE
27.12.2010Warning against TRAMITA FUNDS
21.12.2010Warning against Rooney Gallagher Private Equity Partners LLC
21.12.2010Warning against Everest Asset Management
21.12.2010Warning against Profit Club Investments
21.12.2010Warning against Summit Holdings
21.12.2010Warning against Lombard Grand Financials
21.12.2010Warning against Rodeo
17.12.2010Warning against Guardian Creative Tax Planners
17.12.2010Warning against Prime Solutions, Inc.
17.12.2010Warning against Hypo Venture Capital
16.12.2010Warning against Cooper and Finley
16.12.2010Warning against IDA Consultancy
15.12.2010Warning against Barvetii Wealth Consultants
13.12.2010Warning against Skipton Asset Management
10.12.2010Warning against CHESTERFIELD CREDIT UNION
10.12.2010Warning against Shenzhen International Group
09.12.2010Warning against Intertrade Investment
08.12.2010Warning against Transatlantic Alliance
08.12.2010Warning against Cornish, Willoughby and Associates
03.12.2010Warning against Wiltshire Asset Management
03.12.2010Warning against Manhattan Acquisition Corp
01.12.2010Warning against Forex Transactions
30.11.2010Warning against MCMILLEN CAPITAL MANAGEMENT
30.11.2010Warning against Altanus Limited
30.11.2010Warning against HARTMANN & PARTNERS
29.11.2010Warning against Dynamic Wealth Management
26.11.2010Warning against FISHER CAPITAL MANAGEMENT
26.11.2010Warning against GELLER ASSOCIATES
25.11.2010Warning against Quantum Partners Ltd.
25.11.2010Warning against Trading Resource Capital Management
24.11.2010Warning against Rothman Global
23.11.2010Warning against Valenti International
22.11.2010Warning against CIAR
22.11.2010Warning against BLUESTAR MANAGEMENT
22.11.2010Warning against American Taxation Incorporated
19.11.2010Warning against Randall & Gibson Partnership Company
18.11.2010Warning against Securities Administration
17.11.2010Warning against West Golden Capital
16.11.2010Warning against Rothman Securities and Rothman Offshore
12.11.2010Warning against Brooks & Hawthorne Consulting Ltd.
12.11.2010Warning against Houston Research Group
11.11.2010Warning against CMI Trading Group
10.11.2010Warning against Chelsea Management Group Inc
10.11.2010Warning against Strategic Private Equity Group
10.11.2010Warning against Red Enterprise
10.11.2010Warning against Osaka Futures and Options Exchange
10.11.2010Warning against Prime Group of Companies
10.11.2010Warning against Northern Pegasus LLC
10.11.2010Warning against Greentree Financial Advisors Inc.
10.11.2010Warning against Campbell Cummings Associates
10.11.2010Warning against Antek International
10.11.2010Warning against Rothman Global
08.11.2010Warning against Adderley Davis & Associates Ltd.
08.11.2010Warning against Wilshire Park
08.11.2010Warning against Phoenix Mergers and Acquisitions
08.11.2010Warning against Richmond Lloyds International
08.11.2010Warning against FOREX GLOBAL FX
08.11.2010Warning against Whitestone Financial Planning AG
08.11.2010Warning against Millennium Equity Management
08.11.2010Warning against Vantage Equity International Ltd.
08.11.2010Warning against Penfold & Partners Ltd.
05.11.2010Warning against International Escrow Services
05.11.2010Warning against Securities Group Singapore
05.11.2010Warning against Stanley Capital Group Mergers and Acquisitions
05.11.2010Warning against The Wallstreet M&A Group
04.11.2010Warning against Brunel Asset Management
04.11.2010Warning against Energy Development Global Limited
04.11.2010Warning against Satori Group
03.11.2010Warning against Ehrman-Loeb
03.11.2010Warning against Gruenberg Partners
03.11.2010Warning against Institutional Equity Partners
03.11.2010Warning against Goldmann Imperial Capital
03.11.2010Warning against Baros and Ronaldo Associates
02.11.2010Warning against Donnelly Aberdeen International
02.11.2010Warning against Crown Global Assets Ltd.
02.11.2010Warning against Accrescent Holdings Incorporated
30.10.2010Warning against Tortola Capital
29.10.2010Warning against Mark Bael Risk Management and Legal Services
28.10.2010Warning against Geminus Partners
28.10.2010Warning against Capital Shipping
27.10.2010Warning against Vogel and Fine
26.10.2010Warning against Fortitude Asset Consultants
26.10.2010Warning against First Geneva Wealth Management
26.10.2010Warning against Raydu Advisory
25.10.2010Warning against Dynamic Wealth Management, DWM
25.10.2010Warning against International Acquisition Authority
22.10.2010Warning against Wilshire Park
22.10.2010Warning against Morgan Investment Management Group
21.10.2010Warning against Boston Capital Management, Inc.
21.10.2010Warning against FAKE CSSF WEBSITE
21.10.2010Warning against Warren Hill, LLC
20.10.2010Warning against Source One International
19.10.2010Warning against Graham Walker
19.10.2010Warning against Talvest International
18.10.2010Warning against FIB TRADING, S.L.
18.10.2010Warning against Wyatt M & A Advisory
18.10.2010Warning against WINDSOR EXCHANGE
18.10.2010Warning against Warthon Rubin
18.10.2010Warning against Madison Securities
15.10.2010Warning against Iberia Securities
15.10.2010Warning against XR-Group
15.10.2010Warning against First Financial Management
15.10.2010Warning against Roxboro Capital Investment
15.10.2010Warning against Orient Consult Business Consultants Ltd.
14.10.2010Warning against PH Capital Invest
14.10.2010Warning against Hartford Brookes
14.10.2010Warning against Frankfurt Financial Supervisory Authority
14.10.2010Warning against NY Finance Limited
14.10.2010Warning against NT Financial Services
13.10.2010Warning against Buttonwood LLC
12.10.2010Warning against Kairosinvest Holdings Ltd.
12.10.2010Warning against EuroStockGroup
12.10.2010Warning against Swiss Siam Investment Club
12.10.2010Warning against Shaw Capital Management
11.10.2010Warning against Atlantic Administration
11.10.2010Warning against FINTRON ASSET MANAGEMENT A.G.
07.10.2010Warning against Swiftsure Securities Limited
07.10.2010Warning against Viking Gold Resources and Mining
07.10.2010Warning against Financial Trading Commission
06.10.2010Warning against Schiller Gates
05.10.2010Warning against Lincoln and Rutherford Financial Trust Management
04.10.2010Warning against Financial Market Alliance
04.10.2010Warning against York Venture Capital
04.10.2010Warning against Financial Asset Management, Inc.
04.10.2010Warning against Worldwide Finance Marketing Services
30.09.2010Warning against Robbins, McCaully, Appleby LLC
30.09.2010Warning against Cedar Rock Investments Plc
30.09.2010Warning against Pan-Asia Futures Limited
29.09.2010Warning against International Nexus Ventures
27.09.2010Warning against Kensington Advisory & Investment Group
24.09.2010Warning against Unicon Consulting AG
22.09.2010Warning against HR Europe
22.09.2010Warning against Norton Blake
22.09.2010Warning against Trading Resource Capital Management
20.09.2010Warning against Selva Resources Corporation
20.09.2010Warning against company Fuehrende Investitionen Limited
20.09.2010Warning against AVGITIDIS TRADING GROUP
20.09.2010Warning against Marcus Jones International
17.09.2010Warning against Riva Holdings
17.09.2010Warning against CHAPMAN FISCHER a/k/a CHAPMAN FISHER
17.09.2010Warning against IME Advisors
17.09.2010Warning against Tudor Client Associates
17.09.2010Warning against Belgium Financial Group
17.09.2010Warning against Capital Management and Investments Ltd.
17.09.2010Warning against CAPITAL INTEL GROUP
14.09.2010Warning against WIDMER Options
14.09.2010Warning against FOS Asset Management Co. Ltd.
10.09.2010Warning against Cartwright & Keating
10.09.2010Warning against Hudson Asset Management
08.09.2010Warning against Stewart Alexandra(m)
03.09.2010Warning against Belgium Financial Group
02.09.2010Warning against Financial Soultions
02.09.2010Warning against Commodore Asset
01.09.2010Warning against Inter Euro Trading
01.09.2010Warning against Fusion Financial Marketing
31.08.2010Warning against Lehman Co. Global Group, Inc.
31.08.2010Warning against International Trade Corporation
31.08.2010Warning against Gold Seal Trading
30.08.2010Warning against Iberia Securities
30.08.2010Warning against Tortola Capital
27.08.2010Warning against Camelot Advisors
24.08.2010Warning against Sterling Equity Corporation
23.08.2010Warning against Palatine Financial
20.08.2010Warning against Prentice Management Corp
16.08.2010Warning against New England Worldwide Services
16.08.2010Warning against Forex Financial LTS. (BRA FOREX)
16.08.2010Warning against Fxpro Financial Services LTD.
12.08.2010Warning agiainst The Equity Institue
12.08.2010Warning against First Shield LLC
12.08.2010Warning against Commodore Asset
12.08.2010Warning against First Financial Management
12.08.2010Warning against Dupont Conseille AG
12.08.2010Warning against Gulf Oil Exploration Corporation Inc.
11.08.2010Warning against North Pacific Mergers & Acquisitions
11.08.2010Warning against Nikkei Financial
11.08.2010Warning against Cooper and Daniels Company
11.08.2010Warning against Samsung Securities a/k/a Sigma Securities
11.08.2010Warning against NEW LIFE CORRETORA DE SEGUROS LTDA.
11.08.2010Warning against Crown International Investments (NBD) SDN BHD (Brunei)
11.08.2010Warning against Senior Imobiliária Administração e Corretagem de Imóveis Ltda.
11.08.2010Warning against Firv Consultoria E Aadministraçã De Recursos Financeiros LTDA.
11.08.2010Warning against Cobalt Finance Group
11.08.2010Warning against
11.08.2010Warning against Construtora Cunha Ribeiro LTDA.
11.08.2010Warning against Smith & Dalton M & A
11.08.2010Warning against Energy and Equity Research Group
06.08.2010Warning against St. George Europe, S.L.
06.08.2010Warning against Ovannis Capital
06.08.2010Warning against Okuma Group
06.08.2010Warning against Akeman Capital (also named Akeman Allan Capital)
06.08.2010Warningagainst Cisa, S.L., Corporate Investment Services (also named Cisa Managament, S.L.)
06.08.2010Warning against Administraciones Temple Bar, S.L.
06.08.2010Warning against Daily Report, S.A.
30.07.2010Warning against Vantage Equity International Ltd.
28.07.2010Warning against Relax Investments Financial Services Ltd.
28.07.2010Warning against EASY BEST CREDIT
20.07.2010Warning against Cash Group AG
20.07.2010Warning against GCI INTERNATIONAL
20.07.2010Warning against XR-GROUP
19.07.2010Warning against Newton Moore Limited
19.07.2010Warning against Anderson Munro
19.07.2010Warning against Alfort International Limited
16.07.2010Warning against Cameron Poe & Associates
16.07.2010Warning against GS GLOBAL ASSET MANAGEMENT LLC, New York
16.07.2010Warning against GS GLOBAL ASSET MANAGEMENT LLC, Canada
16.07.2010Warning against Quertus Yachting
14.07.2010Warning against Churchill Advisory
14.07.2010Warning against Price and Stone Mergers and Acquisitions
14.07.2010Warning against Hamilton Davis Corporation
14.07.2010Warning against Universal Consolidated
14.07.2010Warning against Redbridge Associates
09.07.2010Warning against Capitalium Europe SA
09.07.2010Warning against PK CONSULTANTS USA, Inc.
09.07.2010Warning against MARCUS JONES INTERNATIONAL
09.07.2010Warning against Capitalium SPRL
09.07.2010Warning against PENDLETON AND ASSOCIATES
09.07.2010Warning against Capitalium Consult SCRL
07.07.2010Warning against CLAYTON & PHELPS
07.07.2010Warning against RED DRAGON FINANCIAL
05.07.2010Warning against Price and Stone Mergers & Acquisitions
02.07.2010Warning against Vitaurium Investment Group Limited
30.06.2010Warning against Fox Global
30.06.2010Warning against New Century Capital
30.06.2010Warning against Borsa Financial
12.06.2010Warning against Mitschka Alternative Advisory
11.06.2010Warning against Venture Associates
11.06.2010Warning against Tortola Capital
11.06.2010Warning against Wilton Investment Group
09.06.2010Warning against Hong Kong International Petroleum Exchange
09.06.2010Warning against Hong Kong Gold Exchange
07.06.2010Warning against The Hong Kong Futures & Options Exchange (The HKFOE)
07.06.2010Warning against CyberSL
07.06.2010Warning against Center Capital Trading
07.06.2010Warning against Sekulic Dragon
04.06.2010Warning against Shin Futures
04.06.2010Warning against Sakura Financial Group
04.06.2010Warning against Complete Commodity Trading
04.06.2010Warning against I-investorclub Ltd.
01.06.2010Warning against Capital Securities International
01.06.2010Warning against PayPay Inc.
01.06.2010Warning against WorldClearing Holding Inc. (PayPay)
01.06.2010Warning against Commercial First Trading
01.06.2010Warning against Titan Trading Group
01.06.2010Warning against Joseph Cooke Ltd.
27.05.2010Warning against Platinum Group International
27.05.2010Warning against FXOpen Investments Inc.
27.05.2010Warning against FXMarkets Ltd
27.05.2010Warning against BASEL FINANCIAL INC.
27.05.2010Warning against Dragon Partners Inc.
27.05.2010Warning against AEcnFX (Mauritius) Ltd
27.05.2010Warning against WORLD DERIVATIVES TRADERS LTD
27.05.2010Warning against FXCOMPANY FINANCIAL GROUP LTD
14.05.2010Warning against Global Option Solutions
12.05.2010Warning against Westline M&A
12.05.2010Warning against International Trade Oversight Committee
10.05.2010Warning against Global Energy Opportunities
10.05.2010Warning against Lance Global Solutions
10.05.2010Warning against Northcott Sterling Xavier Associates
07.05.2010Warning against Asia Bancorp Bhd
07.05.2010Warning against Windsor (International) Limited
07.05.2010Warning against G8 Investimentos
07.05.2010Warning against Royal Pacific Investment (Labuan) Ltd
07.05.2010Warning against Saradunia Investments (L) Ltd
07.05.2010Warning against Saradunia Capital Sdn. Bhd.
07.05.2010Warning against IntelliSource Markets B.V.
07.05.2010Warning against Orion Advisory Services, S.A.
07.05.2010Warning against Matrik Unggul Sdn. Bhd.
07.05.2010Warning against Nur Cahaya Ilham Consultant
07.05.2010Warning against Ms Inez Swijsen
07.05.2010Warning against Asia Bancorp (L) Ltd
06.05.2010Warning against Oriental Consolidators
06.05.2010Warning against CAPITAL PARTNERS a.s.
04.05.2010Warning against CHARLES STANLEY ASSOCIATES
03.05.2010Warning against Financial Research Advisors
30.04.2010Warning against Power Point International Ltd
30.04.2010Warning against Power Point Capital
30.04.2010Warning against
29.04.2010Warning against JESUP & LAMONT
29.04.2010Warning against JAM CAPITAL
29.04.2010Warning against Rantau Simfoni Sdn Bhd
29.04.2010Warning against Melqu Invest HB
29.04.2010Warning against GARANT PATNERS
29.04.2010Warning against Marshall Browning
28.04.2010Warning against SHK Financial Group (China) Co. Ltd
27.04.2010Warning against Chatex Ltd
27.04.2010Warning against Qoppa Place Funds Consulting Corp.
27.04.2010Warning against Prime International Trading Ltd
27.04.2010Warning against Goldberg & Associate
26.04.2010Warning against Logical Clearing Limited
22.04.2010Warning against Shanghai Mercantile Exchange
22.04.2010Warning against The Alternative Investment Group
22.04.2010Warning against Faithway Limited
22.04.2010Warning against Levin Mayer
21.04.2010Warning against Mr A.G. de Vos
21.04.2010Warning against Jordan & Cole Investments Ltd
21.04.2010Warning against Parker Forrester
21.04.2010Warning against London McFee Investment
20.04.2010Warning against Hong Kong & New Territories Futures Board
19.04.2010Warning against Newton International Limited
19.04.2010Warning against Crown Wealth International
19.04.2010Warning against New Times Capital (HK) Ltd
19.04.2010Warning against Hong Kong Options and Futures Exchange (HKOFX)
17.04.2010Warning against Kairos Group S.r.o
14.04.2010Warning against Aviva Capital
12.04.2010Warning against Van Broeke Consultancy Group
12.04.2010Warning against Future Index
12.04.2010Warning against Englefield Capital
09.04.2010Warning against Mr Keith Stanley Gibbins
09.04.2010Warning against Genius Funds
09.04.2010Warning against WORLDWIDE FORSTOCK LTD (E-Thorex)
09.04.2010Warning against West Ridge Limited
09.04.2010Warning against WWI GROUP CORP
09.04.2010Warning against SIMRAY ASA (My Private Trade)
09.04.2010Warning against PayPay S.à r.l.
08.04.2010Warning against Capital Markets Advisory
26.03.2010Warning against FXMETATRADER Japan Company Limited
25.03.2010Warning against Bank Of Family
24.03.2010Warning against eBank24 Corporation
24.03.2010Warning against BEST EURO CREDIT
22.03.2010Warning against Asia Auction Inc.
22.03.2010Warning against Reich Global Ltd.
22.03.2010Warning against Sunrise Futures LLC
19.03.2010Warning against Markets Central
19.03.2010Warning against Famex Financial
19.03.2010Warning against FKL Investments
19.03.2010Warning against MY FX STAR
12.03.2010Warning against Cheer Fortune International Investment Management Company Limited
12.03.2010Warning against China Mercantile Exchange
12.03.2010Warning against Schapiro Global Inc
12.03.2010Warning against Venture Alliance Partners
12.03.2010Warning against Covast Limited
12.03.2010Warning against Monetary Authority of China
11.03.2010Warning against E-Trader Limited
11.03.2010Warning against Bergstein Financial
11.03.2010Warning against EquiAsia Group Limited
11.03.2010Warning against Transfer Services Ltd.
11.03.2010Warning against Beijing Securities
09.03.2010Warning against The International Securities Investor Protection Corporation
09.03.2010Warning against Cyprus-based Genius Funds Issued
08.03.2010Warning against Digits Financial Hong Kong Company
03.03.2010Warning against Reserver Bank Plc
03.03.2010Warning against William Smith Partners
03.03.2010Warning against Dawson & Fielding Inc.
25.02.2010Warning against Front Futures
22.02.2010Warning against New Power Technology Ltd.
18.02.2010Warning against Warwick Ventures
16.02.2010Warning against Pell Futures
16.02.2010Warning against St James Partners
16.02.2010Warning against MacMillan Fine International
15.02.2010Warning against Global International Trading
12.02.2010Warning against Credit for you Limited
04.02.2010Warning against Wallstreet Financial, WSF
01.02.2010Warning against EL TORO CONSULT, S.L.
29.01.2010Warning against Traders International Return Network (TIRN)
28.01.2010Warning against Alliance Bank
27.01.2010Warning against Equities Europe and Olta Capital Management Inc.
26.01.2010Warning against FXT Financial Corp
26.01.2010Warning against Kawwii International Group
22.01.2010Warning against Schapiro Global Inc.
21.01.2010Warning against Equities Europe and Olta Capital Management Inc.
20.01.2010Warning against Schmid Immobilien Ltd.
20.01.2010Warning against CMP Global Consulting Ltd.
16.01.2010Warning against Denko Group
15.01.2010Warning against Sole Invest GmbH
14.01.2010Warning against Plus500 Ltd.
12.01.2010Warning against KSP Bank
11.01.2010Warning against AFFIRMO GRUPO INVERSOR, S.L.
11.01.2010Warning against DIVIDIUM CAPITAL, S.L.
07.01.2010Warning against Nick2Nick
21.12.2009Warning against Raisino Holdings
21.12.2009Warning against CAPITALSYS
21.12.2009Warning against RECOBOLSA, S.A
21.12.2009Warning against EUROPEAN MARKETING TEAM, S.L.
18.12.2009Warning against Oracle Equity Management
16.12.2009Warning against Evercrest Law Firm & Management
15.12.2009Warning against Masterseek Corp.
14.12.2009Warning against Alpha Finance
08.12.2009Warning against Allied Partners Financial Group Inc.
04.12.2009Warning against Olympia Law Firm
01.12.2009Warning against Pell Futures
01.12.2009Warning against Stanley Brightmore and CD Equities
27.11.2009Warning against Iberia Securities
26.11.2009Warning against Eurowork Ltd
24.11.2009Warning against GreenIndex International Ltd.
20.11.2009Warning against Eternity Funds
17.11.2009Warning against Philip Knight & Co BVBA
17.11.2009Warning against Borsa Financial
13.11.2009Warning against Posredovanje
13.11.2009Warning against Funk Versicherungmakler AG
11.11.2009Warning against Park East Capital
09.11.2009Warning against Shigesuke
05.11.2009Warning against Easy Euro Credit
29.10.2009Warning against Trust Solutions Ltd.
22.10.2009Warning against Vantage Equity
21.10.2009Warning against Oracle Equity Management
21.10.2009Warning against Denko Group
20.10.2009Warning against Direct Euro Credit and Coba Euro credit
16.10.2009Warning against PGM Mergers & Acquisitions
15.10.2009Warning against MeVideoCY Ltd.
14.10.2009Warning against Park East Capital
13.10.2009Warning against Quality Investments B V NUF
13.10.2009Warning against Quality Capital Management S.L.
07.10.2009Warning against Penn Capital Management, Ltd.
06.10.2009Warning against Lemanium SA
01.10.2009Warning against NFinvest
30.09.2009Warning against Smith Shore & jenkins, LLC
24.09.2009Warning against Neworld Wealth Management
23.09.2009Warning against Peregrine Capital Limited
21.09.2009Warning against NSCB Luxembourg S.A.
17.09.2009Warning against MJM Investments, Montgomery Blake & Associates and The Morgan Stern Group
17.09.2009Warning against Dubai Rentenfonds
17.09.2009Warning against CLT Solutions
17.09.2009Warning against Parker & Boyd Ltd.
11.09.2009Warning against PBBC Finance
10.09.2009Warning against Davenport Chadwick & Co. Ltd
10.09.2009Warning against Constant Financial Services
10.09.2009Warning against Aquila Financial Services Company
10.09.2009Warning against Orion Financial Services
10.09.2009Warning against Nikkimatt
10.09.2009Warning against Zammit Financial Management Group
10.09.2009Warning against RMN
10.09.2009Warning against Business Coordination Service - Trading BVBA
10.09.2009Warning against MJM Investments
31.08.2009Warning against Meridian Capital Enterprises Ldt.
28.08.2009Warning against Inter Euro Credit
28.08.2009Warning against James B. Clarke & Co. Ltd.
28.08.2009Warning against World Capital Solutions
26.08.2009Warning against CapitalSys
21.08.2009Warning against Global International Trading
14.08.2009Warning against Fileamin Invest Ltd. & Fileamin Limited
13.08.2009Warning against Equities Global Equities Partnership and Green Care Investments.
10.08.2009Warning against Parker & Boyd Ltd.
06.08.2009Warning against United Opec Banks/Original Fine Mint
06.08.2009Warning against Europe Ventures
01.08.2009Warning against Global Pension Plan
25.06.2009Warning against Sullivan Investment Group

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