Warnings from other supervisory authorities

List of warnings issued by financial supervisory authorities in EU/EEA-countries. You can also find a link to the database of alerts from IOSCO.

The Danish FSA has no specific knowledge to activities in Denmark for the companies mentioned in the warnings.

Find alerts from supervisory authorities outside EU/EAA-countries via the database from The International Organization of Securities Commissions (IOSCO).

See list of warnings from previous years  the menu to the left.

The list contains information about date of warning, name of the company with a warning and the country of the supervisory authority.  

 Warnings from supervisiory authorities in EU/EAA-countries in 2018




14.03.2018  Westpac Bank of London (clone)  United Kingdom 
13.03.2018  Christopher Scholz (clone firm)  United Kingdom 
12.03.2018  BFB MARKETING Ltd / FXT24 Ltd   Spain 
12.03.2018  Shtern Group Malta 
12.03.2018  CARTER CORPORATE LAW  United Kingdom 
09.03.2018  TCV & Partners  United Kingdom 
09.03.2018  Resonance Capital   Ireland 
06.03.2018  Benson Brokerage Limited   Ireland 
06.03.2018  Northridge Financial Partners  Sweden 


 Cabbot Law Group

United Kingdom 
05.03.2018  QW Lianora Swiss Consulting SA  Slovenia 
05.03.2018  CROWN MANAGERS    Spain 
05.03.2018  ONDAMARKETS Ltd    Spain 
05.03.2018  Mayfair Trading  Austria 
02.03.2018  Remington Mining  United Kingdom
01.03.2018  Thomas and Gareth Consulting Group  United Kingdom 
28.02.2018  Mitchell Bloch Law Firm United Kingdom 
27.02.2018  VSB Malta  Malta 
27.02.2018  Fxmarketlivepro Pty Ltd  Luxembourg 
23.02.2018  https://www.fma.gv.at/unique-global-investment-gesbr/  Austria 
23.02.2018  https://www.fma.gv.at/leniex-corporation/  Austria 
23.02.2018  Uphold
23.02.2018  BIL Patrimoine France 
22.02.2018  Global Ace Investment Limited (Hong Kong)  Ireland 
22.02.2018  https://www.fca.org.uk/news/warnings/tdc-property-development  United Kingdom 
20.02.2018  TSB Wealth Advisory (clone firm) United Kingdom 
19.02.2018  Vortex Profits Limited (Ireland)   Ireland 
19.02.2018  United Capital Group   Luxembourg 
19.02.2018  VBM Capital Partners Luxembourg
16.02.2018  NKF Gruppen AS  Norway 

Energy Advice Group  United Kingdom 
09.02.2018   Mayford Capital Partners United Kingdom 
07.02.2018  Haefen Capital The Netherlands 
05.02.2018  https://fca.org.uk/news/warnings/cordell-groves United Kingdom 


United Kingdom 
05.02.2018  EASY LINE PRO (Y MEDIA GROUP LTD)  Spain 
05.02.2018  D. JORDI VILA MARTÍ  Spain 
Warning regarding the domains that are not owned or operated by Cyprus Investment Firms (http://www.cysec.gov.cy/en-GB/complaints/non-approved-domains/ Cyprus
31.01.2018  BIL Patrimoine  Luxembourg 
31.01.2018 https://fca.org.uk/news/warnings/sterling-bishop-associates  United Kingdom 
31.01.2018  https://fca.org.uk/news/warnings/marathon-asset-management-clone  United Kingdom 
31.01.2018  https://fca.org.uk/news/warnings/miller-and-cohen  United Kingdom 
31.01.2018  Multi Month Loans (clone)  United Kingdom 
31.01.2018  Liontrust Asset Management   United Kingdom 
29.01.2018  FOREXMILIONSL  Spain 
26.01.2018  Hush  Luxembourg 
25.01.2018  International Markets Live LTD  Belgium 
24.01.2018  Rothmann & Ginst Luxembourg 
24.01.2018  Global Multi-Asset Management United Kingdom 
24.01.2018  Cross Ocean Adviser  United Kingdom 
23.01.2018  Algor Invest S.A.  Luxembourg 
22.01.2018  EJS Gesrion D’actifs / EJS Placements Financiers  United Kingdom 
Robert Brooks Ltd (clone) United Kingdom
19.01.2018 53 Capital Trade     United Kingdom
19.01.2018 TraderVC  United Kingdom
19.01.2018 Markets Trading Ltd United Kingdom
17.01.2018 Shinhan Daiwa Brokerage  The Netherlands
16.01.2018  Skyblue Capital United Kingdom
15.01.2018  EasyPro Loans      United Kingdom
15.01.2018  FIVE WINDS ASSET MANAGEMENT (https://fivewindsam.com/)
15.01.2018  HIT BROKING PLC (GOLDEN INVESTMENTS) www.hitbroking.com   Spain 
15.01.2018 INTERNATIONAL MARKETS LIFE LTD (http://www.imarketslive.com/) Spain
15.01.2018 QUESTRA WORLD GLOBAL SL (https://questraworld.es/ Spain 
15.01.2018  QW LIANORA SWISS CONSULTING SA (https://lianoraswiss.com Spain 
15.01.2018 TRADING GANADOR / TRADING DE GANADORES (http://tradingdeganadores.blogspot.com.es/ Spain 
09.01.2018  Fraud Belgium 
09.01.2018  www.banque-eni.com  Belgium 
05.01.2018  Trinity Wealth Management   United Kingdom 
05.01.2018  Wageme   United Kingdom 
04.01.2018  Trustee Credit Savings Bank   United Kingdom 
02.01.2018  Diamond Investments  France 
02.01.2018  Forex Investments  France  
02.01.2018  International Markets Live LTD (IMarketsLive)  France 
02.01.2018  Loan House UK  United Kingdom  
02.01.2018  Crypto Brain  United Kingdom