Warnings from other supervisory authorities

List of warnings issued by financial supervisory authorities in EU/EEA-countries. You can also find a link to the database of alerts from IOSCO.

The Danish FSA has no specific knowledge to activities in Denmark for the companies mentioned in the warnings.

Find alerts from supervisory authorities outside EU/EAA-countries via the database from The International Organization of Securities Commissions (IOSCO).

See list of warnings from previous years  the menu to the left.

The list contains information about date of warning, name of the company with a warning and the country of the supervisory authority.  

 Warnings from supervisiory authorities in EU/EAA-countries in 2017




22.12.2017 Kyburg Financial GmbH (Switzerland) Ireland
21.12.2017 GTPcapital Portugal
19.12.2017 Hansa Capital Partners (clone) United Kingdom
19.12.2017 Axeworth Securities United Kingdom
18.12.2017 EXO CAPITAL MARKETS LIMITED  www.trade12.com Spain
18.12.2017  TIBURON CORPORATION LIMITED  http://binomo.com Spain
18.12.2017 Sutton Johnson Holdings United Kingdom
18.12.2017 Epargne Banque (website: www.epargne-banque.com) Luxembourg
18.12.2017 Hollis Kookmin Financial The Netherlands
15.12.2017  Falcon Financial Management – http://www.falconfinancialmanagement.com Malta
14.12.2017  Morgan Consultancy Group United Kingdom
14.12.2017  Bulwark Insurance United Kingdom
14.12.2017  Revive Capital Group United Kingdom
14.12.2017   New York Law Specialists United Kingdom 
14.12.2017  Carus Solutions Ltd United Kingdom
12.12.2017 Goldbrigde Fund Management (clone firm) United Kingdom
12.12.2017 Howland Law Firm / Howland Law LLP United Kingdom
11.12.2017 SEÑALES 365  www.senales365.com Spain
11.12.2017 BT SYSTEMS LTD  http://fxcmarkets.com/es/ Spain 
11.12.2017  BAUMANN AND KRAUS ENTERPRISES LTD  http://dinerolibre.com/ Spain
08.12.2017 PRIMECFDS/WM Option/Orion Solutions SRL Sweden
08.12.2017 Vogel Capital/Commercial Support LP Sweden
08.12.2017 Amundi Asset Management (Clone of EEA authorised firm) United Kingdom
08.12.2017 Asset Link International United Kingdom
07.12.2017  Cybertrust S.A. (website: www.cybertrust.io Luxembourg
06.12.2017  TAYLOR & CLARK / TAYLOR AND CLARK / TC WEALTH United Kingdom
06.12.2017  ADN UK FINANCE/ ADN UK/ ADN/ ADN UK LOANS United Kingdom
05.12.2017  Independence Loans (clone of authorised firms QV Holdco Limited and Fire Media Interactive Limited trading as 'www.independenceloans.co.uk') United Kingdom
01.12.2017  Affordable Loans (clone of authorised firm) United Kingdom
01.12.2017  Chesterfield International Partners United Kingdom 
01.12.2017  Hume Capital Management United Kingdom
29.11.2017 STX Global Limited trading as STX Markets United Kingdom
27.11.2017 EPIC VENTURES LTD (www.72option.com) Spain
27.11.2017 GLOB CAPITAL LIMITED (https://globcapital.com/es/) Spain
27.11.2017  INNOWAY Project Ltd (www.interbanctrading.com) Spain
24.11.2017 Hush (www.hush.lu) Luxembourg
24.11.2017 Global Financial Protection Commission (USA) Ireland
24.11.2017 Maxwell Financial Services (USA) Ireland
21.11.2017 Redthorne Realisations Limited t/a Redthorne Markets United Kingdom
21.11.2017 Næringsspar AS og Næringsspar Eiendom AS Norway 
20.11.2017 www.forextrading.cat Spain
20.11.2017  www.forex.cat Spain 
16.11.2017 Justitia Gruppen AS Norway
14.11.2017 GTI NET (WWW.GTI-NET.COM) Belgium 
06.11.2017 Levine & Levine Law Specialists United Kingdom
06.11.2017 Williams Beacon Advisory Ltd. The Netherlands
02.11.2017  Amergeris Wealth Management Group (clone) United Kingdom
02.11.2017   Get My Loans United Kingdom
02.11.2017  Six Swiss Exchange Ltd United Kingdom
30.10.2017 YF Asset Management (Clone of HK registered company)  United Kingdom
30.10.2017 TRISCA INVESTMENTS, S.L.  http://www.triscainvestments.com/ Spain
30.10.2017 INTEGRATED MARKETS LLC  www.inmarketfx.com/ Spain
30.10.2017 GRUPO SECURITAS  www.asesoriasecuritas.com Spain
CAAMAR INVERSIONES  http://caamar.es
30.10.2017  TRADEVIEW LTD
www.tradeviewforex.com/  www.tradeviewespanol.com/  www.tvmarkets.com/
30.10.2017  Baker Hamlin United Kingdom 
30.10.2017 Spot Investicije poslovno svetovanje Slovenian
25.10.2017 Le Pay Bank (website: www.le-pay.eu) Luxembourg
25.10.2017 Crown Managers (website: www.crownmanagers.com) Luxembourg
23.10.2017 Trading Trinity United Kingdom 
23.10.2017 Greenshields Capital Group United Kingdom
23.10.2017 Century Finance/Century Finance Services Limited/ Century Finance UK Limited (clone) United Kingdom
20.10.2017 Britannia Capital Management United Kingdom
16.10.2017  Improvement Loans (clone of authorised firm) United Kingdom
13.10.2017 Sameday Loans / Same Day Loans (clone) United Kingdom 
12.10.2017  Forest Advisory Service / Forest Hill Investments / Forest Hill Management United Kingdom
11.10.2017 Aston Wealth United Kingdom
11.10.2017 Chinatsu & Partners United Kingdom
11.10.2017 Ellis and Tate United Kingdom
09.10.2017 CTI Group Advisors United Kingdom
09.10.2017 Tradelux Group Ltd Italy
06.10.2017  Gatco Bank PLC United Kingdom
04.10.2017 Atlantic Global Asset Management Italy
04.10.2017 Questra Holdings Italy
04.10.2017 Questra World Italy
04.10.2017  Chinatsu and Partners (Japan) Ireland
04.10.2017 Osbourne Mulligan Consulting United Kingdom 
02.10.2017 Lend Mutual (clone of FCA authorised firm) United Kingdom 
29.09.2017  IFT Advisory Group (Ireland) Ireland
28.09.2017 AMAC Mortgages & Loan Ltd (clone of authorised firm) United Kingdom 
28.09.2017  CAL Investments Ltd (clone of FCA authorised firm) United Kingdom 
27.09.2017 Instant Lolly (clone) United Kingdom 
26.09.2017  Cryp Trade Capital  https://cryp.trade Italy
26.09.2017 Pascal Grande Capital Partners United Kingdom
25.09.2017 SMART CHOICE ZONE LP, www.binaryuno.com Spain
25.09.2017 MARKETIER HOLDING LIMITED, www.stoxmarket.com Spain
www.capmb.com, www.capmbes.com, https://my.capitalmarketbanc.com
22.09.2017  First SkyWay Invest Group Limited (“SkyWay Capital”) Belgium 
20.09.2017 Financial Contract Authority United Kingdom
19.09.2017 Asset Consulting / Consultant Services United Kingdom
15.09.2017    DBL Asset Management S.A. (website: www.dbl-am.org) Luxembourg
11.09.2017 ITO Ventures Sweden
11.09.2017 CMC Gao Hua Sweden
11.09.2017 Cathay DuPont (site Internet : www.cathaydupont.com)
11.09.2017 Positive Lending United Kingdom
11.09.2017 Genworth Consultant Group United Kingdom
11.09.2017     Fisher Investments Institutional Funds PLC (clone of authorised firm) United Kingdom
11.09.2017 http://www.cursosdeforex.es Spain
08.09.2017 Johnston and James Consultancy United Kingdom
04.09.2017 Wilkins Developments / Wilkins Property Developments United Kingdom
01.09.2017 Quick Loans Ltd (clone of authorised firm) United Kingdom 
01.09.2017 Savoy Asset Management United Kingdom
01.09.2017 Standard Fidelity United Kingdom
01.09.2017  Eduard Steinbach (clone of EEA authorised firm) United Kingdom
01.09.2017 Swiss Life  United Kingdom
30.08.2017  Genworth Consultant Group (USA) Ireland
24.08.2017 Gruber & Taylor Co United Kingdom
24.08.2017 Atsuko Ventures United Kingdom
24.08.2017 Desert Finance Services Limited, trading as Desert Finance United Kingdom
24.08.2017 Bembridge Assurance United Kingdom
24.08.2017  Indigo Loans United Kingdom
23.08.2017  Global Invest Network Luxembourg 
22.08.2017 FXCM International Finance Group (Clone of FCA authorised firm) United Kingdom
22.08.2017 Ashton Moore Developments/Ashton Moore United Kingdom
22.08.2017 CDN Law Firm United Kingdom
14.08.2017 Higa and Partners United Kingdom
11.08.2017 KLEINWORT BENSON (VENTURES) Clone of authorised firm Kleinwort Benson United Kingdom
10.08.2017 Money Solutions UK United Kingdom
10.08.2017 Paramount Law Boston United Kingdom
09.08.2017 The Britain Loan / Britain Loans / Britt Loans United Kingdom
08.08.2017 Clarion Global Group United Kingdom
07.08.2017 Charles Van Deursen Italy
07.08.2017  IforexX24 Ltd Italy
07.08.2017 Westmount Associates United Kingdom
07.08.2017 Zurich Capital (trading as Zurichcap.com) United Kingdom
07.08.2017 Polen Capital Investment Funds / PCIF (clone) United Kingdom
07.08.2017 Quick Quid / Loan Point (clone of authorised firm) United Kingdom
04.08.2017 247 Money Express and The Money Source (clone of authorised firm) United Kingdom
04.08.2017  Debt Advice Trust (clone of authorised firm) United Kingdom
03.08.2017  Tilney Fund Managers (clone of authorised firm) United Kingdom 
02.08.2017 Admiral Markets Ltd United Kingdom
31.07.2017 London Finance and Investment Corporation United Kingdom
31.07.2017 Merit Loans (clone) United Kingdom 
25.07.2017 Asashi Mergers and Acquisitions Group United Kingdom
25.07.2017  LDN Exchange (trading name of Trident Group Limited) United Kingdom
24.07.2017 Evolution Money Ltd United Kingdom
21.07.2017 Oxford Capital Partners United Kingdom
20.07.2017 UK Tech Protect Limited United Kingdom
18.07.2017  Toronto Sumitomo Trading International The Netherlands 
17.07.2017 GSI Markets United Kingdom
17.07.2017  Donalds and Brinkley United Kingdom
14.07.2017 Kennedy Kilbride (UK) Ireland
14.07.2017 Sakai, Yao and Partners United Kingdom
14.07.2017 Multi Strategy Investments United Kingdom
13.07.2017 AXA IM Asia United Kingdom
12.07.2017 Rothschild Asset Management (clone) United Kingdom
12.07.2017 1875-Finance Invest (clone of an existing company) Luxembourg
12.07.2017  Alpha Consulting United Kingdom
10.07.2017 YFX CAPITAL  www.yfxcapital.com Spain
06.07.2017 Josef Frank Global trading as JF Global (clone of EEA authorised firm) United Kingdom
05.07.2017 Stamford Wealth / Stanford Wealth United Kingdom
05.07.2017 Dixon Associates Ltd United Kingdom
05.07.2017 Bluelight Financial United Kingdom
03.07.2017 WHITE SEA LTD  WLT INVESTMENTS  www.wltinvestments.com Spain
03.07.2017 NETO TRADE GLOBAL INVESTMENTS LTD (NTGX LTD)  www.netotrade.com Spain
03.07.2017 BALI LIMITED, LTD  WINMORE ALLIANCE  www.gbocapital.com Spain
03.07.2017 AIOPERATOR Artificial Intelligence Finance  http://aioperator.com/ Spain
28.06.2017 AIG Options/CMC Options United Kingdom
27.06.2017 First Stop Loans (Clone) United Kingdom
26.06.2017  PLUS TRADES LTD WEALTH MANAGEMENT  www.plustradestd.com Spain
22.06.2017 Excon Fuji Securities Sweden
22.06.2017 Pimmit Partners Sweden
22.06.2017 Verent Capital Sweden
22.06.2017 Dash Loans United Kingdom
22.06.2017 Caledonian Equity Group United Kingdom
21.06.2017  East Coast Law Florida United Kingdom
20.06.2017 Blackrock Asset Management United Kingdom
16.06.2017 Progression Trust and Department of Securities and Exchange Regulation Sweden
16.06.2017 AEQUITAS FINANCIAL LLP United Kingdom
16.06.2017 HBFX Markets Limited United Kingdom
16.06.2017 MRTmarkets.com United Kingdom
16.06.2017  Global Fin Services Limited trading as Trade 12 United Kingdom 
13.06.2017 CTI China Renaissance Sweden
13.06.2017 Woori Bridgewater Brokerage Sweden
07.06.2017 Chicago Law Group United Kingdom
07.06.2017 FMP Fuhrer Marbach and Partners United Kingdom
07.06.2017 Barton & Rose United Kingdom
07.06.2017  GC Venture Capital United Kingdom
05.06.2017 Wing Pegasus, S.L. Spain
05.06.2017  D. Ricardo Cáscales Monge Spain
01.06.2017 Olivier and Mann Inc. The Netherlands
30.05.2017 Campbell & Browne Associates / Campbell Brown United Kingdom
30.05.2017 First Plus Financial Group United Kingdom
30.05.2017 Riverside Escrow Ltd United Kingdom
29.05.2017 IALPHAGROUP  www.ialphagroup.com Spain
29.05.2017 Ashida Associates The Netherlands
29.05.2017  Global Alliance Capital The Netherlands
23.05.2017 Savas Investors Slovenija
23.05.2017 Pioneer Asset Management (Clone of EEA authorised firm) United Kingdom
22.05.2017 Chicago Law Group (USA) Ireland
22.05.2017 TRADEV LTD
22.05.2017 https://www.toroption.com/es/ Spain
22.05.2017 DGX SYSTEMS LTD (PRIME FX BANK / PFXBANK)  www.pfxbank.com  www.pfx-bank.com Spain
22.05.2017 DGX SYSTEM LTD  www.optioncm.com Spain
22.05.2017 FIRST INVESTMENTS CAPITAL MARKETS  www.firstinvestmentscapitalmarkets.com/  www.first-union-esp.com Spain
22.05.2017 ARC GLOBAL TRADER, S.L.  www.arctrader.com  www.arctrader.es Spain
22.05.2017 53 CAPITAL TRADE LIMITED  www.53capitaltrade.com  www.53option.com Spain
19.05.2017  Blakestone Property United Kingdom
19.05.2017  Arkwright Property Development United Kingdom
19.05.2017  Security Capital Consultants / Securities Capital Consultants United Kingdom 
19.05.2017  Izumi Ventures United Kingdom
19.05.2017   VRS Law Firm United Kingdom
17.05.2017  London Global Markets United Kingdom
12.05.2017  Williams & Chase / Williams Chase United Kingdom
12.05.2017  Clayton Wealth Advisory United Kingdom
11.05.2017  ExxonFX (owned and operated by Revolution Markets LP) United Kingdom
11.05.2017  Markus Spielmann Inc (Clone of EEA authorised firm) United Kingdom
11.05.2017   JW Global  (Clone of EEA authorised firm) United Kingdom 
10.05.2017  Best Connection Finance United Kingdom
10.05.2017  Interinvest-Group (website: www.interinvest-group.com) Luxembourg
09.05.2017  BBS Consulting / Best Broker Service United Kingdom
09.05.2017   DANIELS AND MILLS CONSULTANTS LLC. United Kingdom
08.05.2017  Indigo Finans AS Norway
27.04.2017 QUESTRA WORLD Belgium
27.04.2017 QUESTRA HOLDINGS Belgium
26.04.2017 Global Marketing Online Limited / ADS Securities (clone of FCA authorised firm) United Kingdom
25.04.2017 FDS Research Group Sweden
25.04.2017 PSI Research Sweden
21.04.2017  Zeb Insurance United Kingdom

Blue Seal Limited and Blonde Bear Ou


Innovate Markets Ltd


Fx Choice Limited


S.O. Strategic Partnership Lp and Fintech Technologies Limited


Rent to buy


The Elliot Private Equity and Commission on Financial & Securities Compliance


MWI Consultants


Zenith Investor

United Kingdom

Carmine Hoffman Law Firm LLP

United Kingdom
11.04.2017 Matchpoint Finance PLC (clone of Irish incorporated company) United Kingdom
10.04.2017 Ralston Consultancy Ltd United Kingdom
07.04.2017 Lawson Consultancy Limited United Kingdom
06.04.2017  MONEY INFORMATION SERVICE United Kingdom
04.04.2017 www.oexgroup.com/ Spain 
04.04.2017 MT4INVEST   http://www.mt4invest.com/es-ES Spain
03.04.2017 Cartwright & Blyth Associates (also known as Cartwright & Blyth, Cartwrights, Cartwright Investments, Cartwright Associates) United Kingdom
29.03.2017 BdL France and Auror Patrimoine Luxembourg
28.03.2017  Prime FX Ltd United Kingdom
27.03.2017 Global Attorney Services Boston United Kingdom
27.03.2017 ReLoan UK United Kingdom
27.03.2017 Guaranteed Loans United Kingdom
23.03.2017 Lazard Asset Management (Clone of FCA authorised firm) United Kingdom
20.03.2017 Godhand Edge Fund Management Llc Italien
17.03.2017 Allied Capital Consultants United Kingdom
17.03.2017 ABSA WEALTH MANAGEMENT (cloning a subsidiary of Barclays Africa Group) United Kingdom
14.03.2017 Campbell & Browne Associates (website: http://campbellbrowneassociates.com) Luxembourg
13.03.2017 Asset Management Protection (AMP) United Kingdom
13.03.2017 JP Morgan Courtage (clone) United Kingdom
10.03.2017 GE Money Financing United Kingdom 
08.03.2017  Loans 2 Go (clone of FCA authorised firm) United Kingdom
07.03.2017  Direkt Finanz AG (website: www.direktfinanz.net) Luxembourg
07.03.2017  GOLDMAN REEVES LTD United Kingdom
07.03.2017   Loan and Go United Kingdom
06.03.2017  TITAN TRADE  http://titantrade.com  www.titansbinary.com Spain
06.03.2017  GRIZZLY LIMITED  www.mxtrade.com  www.tradingbanks.com Spain
06.03.2017  BFOREX LTD   www.bforex.com  http://es.bforex.com/ Spain 
06.03.2017   FX-BOUTIQUE   http://fx-boutique.com/sp Spain
03.03.2017   Tide U Over (clone of an authorised firm) United Kingdom
03.03.2017  Mr Instant Cash (clone of an authorised firm) United Kingdom
03.03.2017 Gem Loans / Jem Loans (clone of an authorised firm) United Kingdom
03.03.2017  Boston Private Law Group LLP (USA) Ireland
27.02.2017 McKinley Thomas & Associates (USA) Ireland
27.02.2017 VORTEX ASSETS   https://www.vortexassets.com/ Spain
22.02.2017 Graumann & Partner S.A. (website: www.graumannundpartner.com) Luxembourg
20.02.2017 ATLANTIC GLOBAL ASSET MANAGEMENT, S.A.  http://atlanticgam.es/ Spain
20.02.2017 D. Antonio Abellán Garrido Spain
20.02.2017  http://enkaizen.news/info/ Spain
17.02.2017 FX Jupiter United Kingdom
17.02.2017 Kawano and Associates (Japan) Ireland
13.02.2017 Jazz Loans United Kingdom
13.02.2017 Wainscott Consulting Group United Kingdom
13.02.2017 Boston Private Law Group LLP United Kingdom
10.02.2017 Asashi Mergers & Acquisitions (Japan) Ireland
09.02.2017  Donaldson Findlay United Kingdom 
07.02.2017 Broad Reach Investments (Clone of FCA authorised firm) United Kingdom
07.02.2017 Hansa Equity SpA Italien
07.02.2017 Markets Capital Ltd Italien
06.02.2017 Blacksmith Investments Limited United Kingdom
06.02.2017 Keystone Management Ltd / Keystone Capital United Kingdom
06.02.2017 OPV ADVISOR LTD  http://www.opv-advisor.com Spain
02.02.2017 Ambrosia Capital United Kingdom
02.02.2017  The Finance Solutions United Kingdom
01.02.2017 Hansford / Hanford and Associates United Kingdom
27.01.2017 JJ Matthias Asset Management (Clone of EEA authorised firm) United Kingdom
27.01.2017 Drakefield Corporate Partners and Colbert & Welling LLP Ireland
27.01.2017 Hayashi and Partners / Hayashi International Equity Securities United Kingdom
24.01.2017 Business Grants and Loans United Kingdom
24.01.2017  UK Money Lenders (Clone of FCA authorised firm) United Kingdom
23.01.2017 Ebel & Partner Luxembourg S.A. Luxembourg
20.01.2017 Ono Ventures United Kingdom

Right Capital Partners Limited

United Kingdom
18.01.2017 Go 4 UK Loans (clone of an authorised firm) United Kingdom
17.01.2017  Loaningo (clone of an authorised firm) United Kingdom 
17.01.2017 Wallace Associates Inc Norway
17.01.2017 William Paulstern Norway
16.01.2017 IB INVERSIONES IB INVERSION BURSATIL http://ibinversiones.com Spain
16.01.2017 AAOPTION http://www.aaoption.com/es Spain
16.01.2017 Diamond Loans (clone of an authorised firm) United Kingdom
12.01.2017 Pageon Bank S.A. Luxembourg
12.01.2017 Rhine & Associates / Rhine Associates United Kingdom
11.01.2017 Colbert & Welling United Kingdom
11.01.2017 Liffe Exchange (clone of FCA authorised firm) United Kingdom
10.01.2017  Savage Finance Limited United Kingdom 
09.01.2017 Little Loans Limited United Kingdom
04.01.2017 Stockfield Associates Group United Kingdom