What is the folder?

    The folder is a shopping basket like you would see in an E-shop. However, instead of products you can collect webpages that you want to read, download, print or forward to others later on.

    On all pages there is an icon which enables you to save the page in your personal folder.   You can monitor the number of pages in the folder at all times. 

    The contents of the folder are based on your current visit to the Danish FSA website. The next time you visit the site, the folder will be empty.

    When you click on the folder you gain access to a number of functions.


    Of course you can also print the pages you find directly from the folder. 



    You can use the folder to collect pages that may be interest to others, and then forward them by email. The pages themselves will not be sent, but rather a link to the folder with the pages you have chosen. 

    You can save the link as a bookmark.

    From the link the recipient can save more documents in the basket and forward, print or download the new folder.  

    By forwarding the folder to others, or to yourself, it is possible to collect several articles or lists that you use a lot.

    Created  07.07.2009  Edited  22.10.2012