If you experience problems in notifying company announcements

Support to company announcements

See contact information regarding content or technical issues to the right.

Below is listed some of the issues previously encountered.


User name and access code

If you are a foreign resident and cannot obtain a Danish NemID, you can log in by user name and access code. First you need to be registered. You can apply here



If you are using a Danish NemID certificate you need to have Java installed for the apllet to work.

You can read more about NemID with Java here (Danish only)


Digital Certificate

If you are using a Danish digital certificate it will only work in en Internet Explorer browser.

You can check if your certificate is installed correctly here

You can order a Danish certificate here (Only for companies and persons with address in Denmark)

Read more about the Danish digital certificate at Nets' website (in Danish)


How do I notify?

When you are logged in your names will be shown next to the link "log out".

Then you choose which type of notification: either as a Issuer, a Shareholder or Shorteselling, from the menu "Create notification".

There are 4 steps in the notification proces.


First time user

First time you get access to to notify you need to read the terms of use and agree to them.
Then you will be guided to the page "Master data". Please check if data are correct and maybe update. At this page you can also indicate if you wish to receive receipts of your notifications via e-mail.

Now you are ready to create the notification, and via the menu "Create notification" you can inicate which type of notification, and you will get to Step 1 of 4.



The Danish FRA has defined 5 different RSS-feeds from the database of company announcements.

See the 5 RSS-feeds here
Furthermore, it is possble to define your own RSS-feed. This you can do via the advanced search page. Please note to set "Time to" for a future date and hour.

Make your own RSS-feed here